Market-relevant innovation has always fed future growth. Our focus on ceaseless innovation and new product vitality continues to put improved products and solutions into the hands of the makers of the world.

FLEXVOLT® New Releases — Tools & Storage

Revolutionary DEWALT FLEXVOLT® technology delivers the power of corded with the portability and convenience of cordless.


This lightweight, high performance hammer drill delivers 6.1 joules of impact energy for fast drilling, even in the hardest concrete. With its balanced design, brushless motor, patented E-Clutch® system, SHOCKS® Active Vibration Control® technology and extreme runtime, this hammer is ideally suited for all-day use.


Our durable, cordless Cut-Off Saw makes fast and efficient single pass cuts and scores in concrete, pavestones, steel and rebar, cutting up to 3-1/4″ deep. The high performance brushless motor provides up to 6,500 RPM with instant-on functionality. A rotatable 5-position guard allows selection of approach angle for optimal visibility and accessibility when cutting in tight spaces. The dual-sided water feed system offers an OSHA Table 1 Compliant solution for dust management when cutting concrete and masonry.


Our most powerful FLEXVOLT® battery yet, this 12 Ah powerhouse is the same size as our 9.0 Ah Battery — designed for heavy-duty applications, and maximized for runtime and durability, in as compact a package as possible. It includes a built-in LED Fuel Gauge for instant charge status. Compatible with our 20V MAX* tools and chargers like every FLEXVOLT battery, it provides up to 8X runtime in 20V MAX* tools — and delivers ultimate power in 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* cordless tools.

Outdoor Power Equipment

Our FLEXVOLT®-powered outdoor line provides increased performance and cordless ease for professional landscapers and construction professionals. For added convenience, the FLEXVOLT batteries also work with our 20V MAX* system of power tools, delivering long runtime.

* Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 4, 20, 60 and 120. Nominal voltage is 3.6, 18, 54 and 108.

Nelson Rebar Studs — Engineered Fastening

The world’s first stud-weldable rebar that meets building code requirements for concrete reinforcement in seismic applications, Nelson’s latest innovation in concrete anchorage is a fully stud-weldable concrete rebar anchor without the need for a certified welder. The patented D6L rebar stud anchor is ideal for concrete connections in safety-critical structures such as bridge and composite building construction.

NeXray — Oil & Gas

The world’s first large-diameter, real-time radiography system for inspecting pipe welds, NeXray eliminates processing time with instantaneous, digital results. Benefits include significantly improved cycle times, the ability to audit data from a centralized offsite location, code compliance and vastly reduced environmental impact resulting from the elimination of film chemistry.

NeoBolt Cordless Installation Tool — Engineered Fastening

The first cordless 1/4″ tool on the market, part of our swaged fastening system, is built on our leading technologies in brushless motors and Li-On batteries. High strength, vibration-resistant and eco-friendly, the patented NeoBolt non-breakstem lockbolt fastener is designed for use in heavy-duty structural applications. Unlike traditional lockbolt fasteners, NeoBolt fasteners eliminate metal waste. NeoBolt Fastening Systems offer unparalleled speed of installation versus traditional bolt and nut arrangements.

IRWIN/LENOX Award-Winning Innovation — Tools & Storage

Since acquiring the IRWIN and LENOX brands in early 2017, we have refreshed over 75 SKUs with innovations designed with the end user in mind.

IRWIN Vise-Grip

This 2018 PTIA award winner is the first innovation for the Vise-Grip locking pliers in eight years. With 20 percent handspan reduction for improved comfort and reduced strain, the one-handed, trigger-less release is easier to open versus traditional locking pliers. The handspan reduction mechanism is patented. The IRWIN Vise-Grip has been the go-to tool of professionals since 1924.

LENOX Power Arc® Curved Jig Saw Blades

A 2018 PTIA award winner, these blades deliver up to 2X the life of the previous generation. The blades feature a curved profile that optimizes the angle of attack for fast cutting and longer life cutting metal. The blades also feature LENOX’s patented T2 Technology for fast, efficient cutting in a range of metal cutting applications. With the blades lasting longer and cutting faster, users are more productive.

LENOX Armor VP Bandsaw

This new bandsaw provides extreme cutting rates and longer blade life in a wide range of materials, thanks to an AlTiN coating that protects the teeth from heat buildup and an advanced grade of carbide that ensures consistent performance. HONEX Technology is used to prepare the cutting edge and minimize tooth chippage.

DEWALT Bluetooth Rotary Laser — Tools & Storage

Offering improved laser visibility, manipulation range, accuracy and durability, this instantly essential tool delivers an accuracy of up to 1/16″ at 100 feet and can withstand a drop from over 6 feet. The laser works with our 20V battery platform, and with our ToolConnect app, and can be operated and adjusted from up to 1,100 feet away in any direction.

STANLEY FATMAX Next-Generation Tapes — Tools & Storage

Made in the USA (MIUSA) with global components, our next-generation FATMAX tape measures deliver straighter standout to help users measure confidently from a distance. The baseball-inspired grip is engineered to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. Our patented Twin-CoreTM technology makes for a compact case design. Able to withstand a 50´ fall and built to last, these tapes have the longest-lasting blade coating ever applied to a FATMAX tape measure and two times the BladeArmor coating to reinforce the hook end.

Craftsman – Made in the USA — Tools & Storage

Cordless Brushless Drills

The Craftsman V20 Cordless System features brushless motors that provide up to 60 percent more runtime and improved durability. Our drills and drivers are designed for completing a variety of heavy jobsite applications. V20 20V MAX* Lithium Batteries offer ample runtime and increased performance, and can be charged in under an hour.

Pancake Compressor

Craftsman air compressors feature an oil-free pump for maintenance-free operation and long life. Lightweight and portable, they deliver long runtime and quick recovery, and can be easily started in cold weather.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer — Tools & Storage

A PTIA award winner, this 20″ hedge trimmer delivers professional grade performance to the homeowner. Its innovative saw blade feature can cut up to 1-1/2″ thick branches — solving a user frustration in that the typical hedge trimmers can handle only up to 3/4″ branches. Now, the user can simply use the saw blade on the end of the trimmer to cut these larger branches.

Sonitrol TotalGuardTM — Security

Combining video, impact-activated audio, glass break detection, wireless support and more, TotalGuard’s exciting features include the ability to stream live audio on an alarm event, as well as impact-activated audio detection for volumetric coverage of a facility when the system is armed. Coverage is volumetric in scope and comparable to the coverage pattern of the Audio Sensor.

STANLEY IntelAssure,TM Powered by Viakoo — Security

This service assurance solution for video surveillance systems uses intelligent automation, powered by Viakoo software, to continuously: detect security system problems for immediate reporting of failures; diagnose root causes of failure to increase accuracy and eliminate guesswork; and recommend the specific fix to reduce system downtime and increase employee efficiency.

STANLEY iQ Controller — Security

Ensuring smoother, quieter and more consistent operation of our automatic sliding doors, the iQ Controller also streamlines installation and maintenance. On demand, it relays information to an iQ toolbox app on the STANLEY technician’s smart device, allowing quick and accurate diagnoses and troubleshooting. And it sets the stage for the next generation of intelligent doors from STANLEY Access Technologies.

InSite Suite of Digital Products — Infrastructure

The InSite suite creates value for dealers and end users by increasing uptime of heavy equipment. Through the InSite platform we collect proprietary equipment data and apply artificial intelligence to provide actionable preventative alerts that minimize downtime and reduce operational costs. InSite also provides an interactive virtual environment, informed by data and enabled with augmented reality, for service professionals to diagnose issues from anywhere in real time.

STANLEY Portable Power Hub — Infrastructure

Fuel- and emissions-free while in use and naturally quiet, the Portable Power Hub provides clean, reliable power where traditional generators can’t go. It’s the quiet option for off-grid and temporary power needs applied to a wide variety of uses — from lighting to tools to concessions for use in enclosed spaces and sensitive environments where noise and diesel fumes don’t belong. The Power Hub runs on an array of Li-On batteries, using breakthrough technology similar to that of our FLEXVOLT® batteries. It recharges in a few hours using a standard plug, and can also be solar charged while operating.