Security Business Transformation

We are working to transform our commercial electronic security business by applying new technology to deliver consistent organic growth with margin expansion. Our focus is three-fold.

Lower the Cost to Serve

Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality technology can reduce the cost of monitoring and service while improving our effectiveness in how we serve customers. As an example, more than 90 percent of the alarms received through monitoring centers are false alarms. By utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics to more quickly and accurately identify these false alarms, we can lower the cost of our monitoring activities while improving service levels. In addition, our functional transformation initiatives are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the back office.

Solve for the Small to
Mid-Size Customer

With new technologies being brought to the small to mid-size commercial security market, customers are demanding connected solutions with on-demand access, simple installation and flexible monitoring at a minimal upfront investment. To address these changing customer demands and to differentiate us, we are developing a total customer experience designed around an Internet-of-Things enabled solution supported by an app-based interface that delivers flexible monitoring.

Leverage Advanced Data Analytics

For large, national customers, there is great potential to harness the massive amounts of data from existing installed security and other hardware. Leveraging innovative technology and advanced analytics, we are expanding the traditional, commercial security value proposition to deliver real-world customer insights that unlock productivity and revenue-growth opportunities across the operational footprint of our large, national customer accounts.