Empowering Makers

We are working to enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world, against a backdrop where industrial and technological disruptions are rapidly changing the nature of jobs and work itself. As the pace of technological change — particularly digital transformation — increases at an exponential rate, individuals, businesses, governments and society as a whole are facing challenges navigating this change. We are committed to helping our employees and the people of the world, particularly youth, master the skills and expertise needed to secure productive jobs and revitalize communities, now and well into the future.

2030 UN Sustainable
Development Goals

Empowerment begins with quality education and retraining — giving people the right tools to make an impact. This leads to decent work in skilled professions for individuals and more equitable economic growth for their communities.

Our 2030 Goal

Enable 10 Million Makers and Creators by 2030

Actions to 2030 Goal:

Employee Career Mobility
Prepare employees for career mobility relevant for Industry 4.0 by supporting their upskilling and repurposing.

STEAM Education
Enable people to access STEAM education and training to improve livelihoods and help support the workforce of tomorrow.

Vocational and Trade Skills
Help people develop cutting-edge vocational and trade skills.

Makerspace Training
Enrich the education, creativity and hands-on job experience of people through makerspaces around the world.

Technology, industry, urbanization and our climate are changing at an unprecedented rate, and will present societies and individuals with both challenges and opportunities.  By providing people with the corresponding talents and skills, society can respond and embrace these changes, with huge economic and humanitarian benefits. Stanley Black & Decker is uniquely influential in this space.”

Deb Geyer

VP, Environment, Health, Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility

Maker Month / Innovation Generation

In October, we invited the next generation of makers and builders to participate in activities that sparked their curiosity and raised their skills in the first-ever MAKER MONTH. This practical, fun and engaging month-long experience for students and teachers emphasized the power of making, and included weekly “Maker Challenges” hosted by our very own Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace. Anyone who completed our challenges had a chance to win a prize pack full of tools and products.

In addition, for the first time ever, we hosted Global Maker Day, connecting more than 1,000 educators in 40 countries virtually to demonstrations and live competitions.

Finally, we launched Innovation Generation,TM bringing the maker movement to classrooms everywhere. Together with Discovery Education, we’re working on developing a new science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) curriculum that will transform student learning by inviting students and educators nationwide to explore numerous disciplines through building, making and doing. As part of the launch, we introduced a six-month Classroom Contest where two winning schools will get their own Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace this spring.


educators in 40 countries connected during Global
Maker Day

On the Global Stage

Stanley Black & Decker is focused on helping today’s youth develop the skills necessary to compete in tomorrow’s dynamic landscape — empowering the next generation of makers, creators and innovators. We believe that investing in STEAM education is crucial to shaping the future and therefore we are looking to enrich the learning, creativity and hands-on experience of curious and inventive people in their efforts to bring better solutions to light. We support nonprofit makerspaces and maker faires with our time, tools and financial support. We also support in-school, extracurricular and out-of-school programs that bring innovation to life and enhance student learning in new ways.


We are a Global Partner of WorldSkills, helping to inspire thousands of young people from all over the world in skill competitions including carpentry, automobile technology, cabinetmaking, concrete construction work, joinery, landscape gardening, and more. At the same time, we support WorldSkills’ efforts to advance what it means to be a maker by including new cutting-edge skills such as robotics, drone flight and repair, and cybersecurity. At each WorldSkills competition, we help empower more than 1,000 of the best young makers, creators and fixers from more than 70 countries.


As a founding sponsor of the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) and the STEMIE Coalition, we were proud to see nearly 500 young inventors from 20 states gather in Dearborn, Michigan, at the Third Annual NICEE event. NICEE provides young minds with a framework from concept to prototype to pitch. The student inventors and problem solvers presented groundbreaking solutions to real-world problems, sharing their ideas on clean energy, healthcare, automation, robotics and more. These innovators represent the top students in K–12, out of nearly 100,000 participating in STEMIE programs across the United States annually.

More than 70 awards were presented to students from different grades during the 2018 NICEE Finals. Quinn Holt, a talented fourth grader from Idaho, was the recipient of the Stanley Black & Decker Most Innovative Award. Quinn won for his invention of the “Wireless Energy Transmitter,” a device that transfers energy from a Tesla coil to power solar panels in order to emit energy. We’re encouraged and inspired to see this level of innovation being harnessed at an early age.

greenlight for girls (g4g)

This international organization is dedicated to inspiring girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEAM subjects — science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics — by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways. Stanley Black & Decker and our Women’s Network chapters are helping g4g put tools and knowledge in the hands of girls, collaborating at a series of fun events in Sevilla, Madrid, Moscow, Bangalore, Brussels, and our Tools & Storage headquarters in Towson, Maryland. The events included workshops on geometry, lasers, mathematics and physics.


girls reached in over a dozen countries around the world

Engaging Our People

We are investing in and fostering a highly engaged workforce, in which our people feel heard, valued and positioned to do their best work every day.

Harnessing the Power of
61,000 Employees

We continue to invest in enhanced communication and collaboration among our employees around the world. Our people are connected like never before — creating a more informed and engaged leadership team and workforce. Early adoption of Workplace, an internal social media platform provided by Facebook, has helped our people close language gaps and bridge location distance to share best practices, accelerate productivity and feel like a connected part of our global team. Workplace facilitates engagement of our teams to share stories about our successes engaging workers, from the shop floor to our leadership teams, and makes those stories visible — and replicable — throughout the company.

Career Mobility

We are preparing employees for career mobility relevant to Industry 4.0 by supporting their upskilling and re-purposing. We also aim to support the communities where our facilities are located and other key local organizations to be successful. In Hartford, Connecticut, we opened the Manufactory 4.0, a manufacturing center of excellence, designed to help our people grow into new responsibilities and new ways of making things. In Dallas, Texas, we are partnering with nonprofits like Generation to empower young people to build thriving, sustainable careers in the skilled trades industry. We’re proud to have trained, then hired, 10 operators to date through this program. And in Jackson, Tennessee, we’re pairing our early career employees with a more experienced workforce to accelerate mutual learning and upskilling in areas such as human machine interfaces.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our talent goal is to draw from a global diverse talent pool to deliver on our company’s strategic objectives. We strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results. We want our employees to feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas, so we’ve encouraged the creation of a variety of Employee Resource Groups that serve as catalysts for inclusion and innovation. They include groups for Women, Veterans, LGTBQ (Pride & Allies), African Ancestry, Developing Professionals and more.

Human Rights

Early in 2018, we launched a global Human Rights Road Map Due Diligence Process involving on-site risk assessments and verification of standards in keeping with the requirements of ISO26000, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The assessment scope includes both vulnerable groups and risk situations, and has been applied to over 50% of our sites by the end of 2018. We tracked and confirmed that no Human Rights concerns were identified in our assessments.

In 2019, we intend to have 70% completion of assessments, and also focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: 10. Reduced Inequalities, with a focus on LGBT+ employees; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, related to the the well-being of contracted labor, including passport accessibility and adequate accommodation; and, 5. Gender Equality, with an external focus on women empowerment through STEAM education.