Our Mission:

Be a Force
for Good

At Stanley Black & Decker, we are focused on inspiring makers and innovators to create a more sustainable world. It’s the way we put our purpose into action, and it’s integral to our 22/22 Vision. Our commitment to becoming a force for good builds on our legacy of keeping a keen focus on environment, health and safety, sustainability and community engagement.

A Message from Jim Loree

We believe now is the time for companies like ours to step up and show leadership in social responsibility, especially in ways that are relevant to our business, our purpose and the people we serve. Society needs us.

We’re here to be successful and, to us, that includes generating a positive impact for society at large as well as for our shareholders and our people — creating value, including environmental and social value. Within this report are just a few examples of this spirit in action, showing how being a responsible business moves us all forward.

Our business has the reach, product innovation and mindset to be a powerful force for good, especially in today’s world where so much is changing and being disrupted by technology and new ways of doing business. Corporations like ours can be part of the solution by providing people everywhere with an opportunity to thrive in this new world. Putting our skills and resources to work, our corporate social responsibility strategy is delivering programs to empower those who seek to create and shape the world around us — the makers and creators.”

James M. Loree President & Chief Executive Officer

Pillars of Our 2030 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Empower Makers

Enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world

  • Upskill our employees who may be displaced by technology.
  • Empower citizens with vocational training, STEAM education and access to makerspaces.

Innovate with Purpose

Innovate our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people and improve environmental impacts

  • Create and use products to meet underserved societal needs.
  • Improve the lifecycle impact of our products and sourcing, and reduce supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.

Create a More
Sustainable World

Positively impact the environment through our operations

  • Improve our environmental impacts related to greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste.

Our social responsibility strategy aligns with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Ceaseless Pursuit of Social Responsibility

We elevated our historically strong commitment to corporate social responsibility to a new level by launching our enhanced CSR strategy. We consider responsibility and sustainability to be integral to our business strategy and ongoing success, and pursue them accordingly.

NYSE Kickoff of Our Strategy

We kicked off our 2030 CSR Strategy at the New York Stock Exchange, ringing the opening bell on May 15, 2018, to celebrate both our 175th anniversary as a business and our elevated commitment to social responsibility. It also marked the launch of a new partnership with Discovery Education to bring a stronger maker-focused curriculum into the classroom. Together, we hosted two classes of New York students at the New York Stock Exchange’s Experience Square, inviting them to participate in STEAM-focused educational activities at Stanley Black & Decker’s new mobile Makerspace.

Science-Based Targets

Stanley Black & Decker aims to reduce Absolute Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions 100% by 2030, using a 2015 base year. Stanley Black & Decker also aims to reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions 35% by 2030, using a 2017 base year. The Scope 3 target covers the emissions from purchased goods and services, and upstream and downstream transportation and distribution. As much as possible, we express our strategic goals in numbers that can be verified and in concepts that are based on scientific consensus. For example, our long-term environmental sustainability goals have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Science-based targets provide a clearly defined pathway to future-proof growth by specifying how much and how quickly we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, eliminate waste, or any other of our sustainability-related goals.

Successful CSR Integration in Due Diligence

We recognize that responsibility and sustainability are not just about us, but also about the business ecosystem around us, which we help to build and shape. Accordingly, we have integrated sustainability principles into our due diligence practices, for the evaluation of any and all potential business partners, suppliers and targets for acquisition. For example, planning for changes in our footprint as we grow and evolve, and integrating with the advanced technologies team to address environmental issues as we execute our Industry 4.0 strategy, ensures that Stanley Black & Decker remains sustainable and harnesses the power of change into the future.

Recognition Growing

Dow Jones Sustainability
World Index 2018

Barron's Top 100 Sustainable
Companies at #30

CDP “A” List in both Climate
Change and Water Security

Our ECOSMARTTM Advantage

ECOSMARTTM signifies our commitment to a sustainable future and is embedded in everything we do, across our entire value chain. We continue to improve the sustainability of our operations, our products and our communities while helping our suppliers and our customers to do the same. While this has led to consistent recognition amongst our peers as a standout company with respect to our environmental, health and safety practices, we always believe we can and should do more, and we work every day to be better than the last.

About This Report

Stanley Black & Decker’s Corporate Social Responsibility report updates stakeholders on our strategies and progress in our commitments, and is organized in three main subsections: Empower Makers, Innovate with Purpose, and Create a More Sustainable World. It also includes a materiality assessment and sustainability scorecard of key performance indicators. This report has been prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards (Core option), which continues to guide the evolution of our reporting on environmental, social and governance performance. It includes forward-looking statements about our business plans, initiatives and objectives, which may change based on subsequent developments.